Saturday, February 5, 2011

Truthfulness, by Beatriz Copello

Speak the truth
let your voice
utter honest words
words of courage
words of valour,
open your mouth
to embrace sincerity,
kindness and compassion
because by doing this
you will be true to yourself.

I came across this poem by Australian poet Beatriz Copello, printed in One Heart-One Mind, The Newsletter of the Association of Engaged Buddhists. Like a precious stone, it shows all the facets of integrity that I began exploring in the last post, in shining simplicity. Thanks, Beatriz.


Peter said...

I like this poem and it speaks to me too of integrity. So perhaps those of us from all religious traditions and none should work together to cultivate in ourselves the characteristics described here so that in exercising them we are indeed true to ourselves ...

Anonymous said...
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